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MSP Airport Cab Service

Traveling can be an awesome adventure and an opportunity to see and ¬experience new places or different cities. If you're new or perhaps, a frequent traveler you'd want the best taxi service and rates to help you navigate through a city like Minneapolis.

Your thoughts: Everything must go quite smoothly and it often will if you have a reliable taxi you can count on. Before you land at the airport you want to have a clear idea of how to shuttle around. Things could get quite busy when you land and most people even advise taking a course to help you through/h. Well with MSP and this article, the rates for airport taxi are well and truly spelled out.

Taxi Service

While it's certain that Downtown Minneapolis is approximately 12 miles from the airport, you still want a pleasant ride to your destination.

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The taxi services are available from the terminals (8 miles from St. Paul). You can decide to ride in style with a limo or use something efficient like a minivan. You could also try a simple but effective cap to your destination.

Many travel websites provide access to a large fleet of vehicle sizes and types. The party size or number doesn't matter. Whether it's your luggage or special requirements, they can usually provide the perfect vehicle. If you have any queries and questions about vehicle suitability and availability, they will be delighted to help. All you have to do is give them a call and you'd be walked through the steps to take. The MSP rates are metered at a rate of:

• Up to $2.75 per mile

• A $7.50 fee,

• A $9 airport access fee that is added to the final metered fare,

• Taxicab fares to downtown Minneapolis average from $55-$65,

• Taxicab fares to downtown St Paul average from $46-$58

There are also rates that are from areas to MSP such as from the Twin Cities suburbs of Minneapolis.

The availabl¬e cars are comfortable. Whether it's a limo or a car taxi service, expect to be treated nicely.

Limo Service

It's interesting to note that most limo companies will give you a guaranteed rate ahead of-time. It doesn't hurt to negotiate and if you pre-arrange the ride. MSP airport has a pre-arranged pick-up area next to the cab stand to make things easy for you. The site map of MSP airport could come in handy here and will be provided should you request one. Generally, the websites offer flat rates and you can look them up to calculate prearranged flat rate transportation.

Car/Cab Service

Most taxicab companies will use a meter when driving to charge you based on the exact mileage covered. Again, it's not a bad idea to negotiate or have a pre-negotiated rate for the service.

The cost for a car/cab service varies and is largely dependent on the level of service requested. If you're talking a good number of people and luggage, then you know it will cost some more. The following rates apply:

• $55-75 for a sedan (town car) to downtown Minneapolis

• $65-85 average for SUV service

To conclude, keep in mind that you have to tip your cabbie or driver. This is normally 15 to 20 percent. .

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